We are in Ordinary Time after Pentecost

Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.

~Annie Dillard


Generosity with our money is part of being a Christian. We affirm this each time we speak our community’s rule of life: “submitting to Jesus as Lord over our life, including our money, our sexuality and our power.” The ways we use our money (both individually and communally) reflect what we believe and value as well as whom we trust and obey. And, of course, being a people of God’s hospitality, restoration and shalom necessarily includes gathering the resources necessary to sustain our ability to be a community and live this shared way of life. Further, from our beginning, All Souls has pledged to give away 20% of our community’s funds to our shalom partners. The more we give, the greater our generosity to others. Please find a way of giving that fits your needs.

Options for Giving

  • Put your gift in our giving plate on Sundays. The benefit to Sunday giving is how it reinforces the truth that our money and our worship go hand-in-hand. Further, it helps us to remember that our giving is a communal act, sharing our resources as we provide for our church community and care for our neighbors and the world. However, as cash and checks grow more obsolete, many find it difficult to remember to bring gifts on Sunday. For most, automated giving helps maintain a rhythm, a dependable pattern which also helps All Souls to budget wisely. You may set up regular, automated gifts with the rest of the options listed.
  • Set up regular gifts from your bank’s bill pay service. This is the most economical form of automated giving, as no fees will be charged to you or to All Souls (allowing All Souls to receive 100% of your gift). If you are unfamiliar with your bank’s bill pay options, this resource may help. The only information you should need for All Souls is our address (All Souls / P.O. Box 174 / Charlottesville, VA 22902)
  • Donate stock or other securities. Please email Sarah Juday for easy instructions.
  • Use our secure online electronic giving service (Simple Giving) by clicking the button below to schedule payments through your bank account, debit card or credit card (You may consider adding funds to cover All Souls’ fees. The fee charged to All Souls for bank transfers are 50¢ per transaction, and fees for credit/debit cards is 2.5% + 30¢ per transaction). You will log in with your phone number, and Simple Giving will send you a text with a password code. Fast, simple, nothing to remember. Note: if necessary, you may still access Qgiv, All Souls’ older online giving platform.

Give Online via Smart Giving

  • Use Simple Giving’s uncomplicated text features. This is (truly) an elegant, easy and simple system (with the same fee structure as the online giving method). The short video at the bottom of this page gives a simple introduction, but you may also refer to these instructions below.

Further Instructions for Simple Giving via Text

For first time users
>text give to 434.260.5744
>receive a link to a secure page where you can enter you name and preferred method of giving

After Setting up Your Smart Giving Text Account
>text the dollar amount you would like to give to 434.260.5744 and presto, it’s done
>text give to 434.260.5744 in order to set up new recurring instructions
>text edit to 434.260.5744 in order change any account information
>text refund to 434.260.5744 if you’ve made a mistake and need a previous gift refunded to you

Please email Sarah Juday with any issues or questions.