We are in Advent

A good sermon is one side of a passionate conversation.

~Marilynne Robinson

A Word of Caution

Sermons are an important part of our worship, but they are only one part. As a community gathered around the Table of Jesus, it is impossible to extract the sermon from our life together – flesh and bone bodies, shoulder to shoulder, entering with heavy and joyful hearts from a ruff-and-tumble life, reading Jesus’ Scriptures together, passing Jesus’ peace to one another, praying the creeds, practicing confession, hearing the assurance of God’s forgiveness, receiving a blessing, feeding on Jesus in the Eucharist and being sent out as God’s beloved people to live well in God’s good world.

The danger inherent with offering our sermons in this digital format is that we would exacerbate the idea that words spoken in a sermon can be severed from the act of God’s people at worship. We don’t want to do that. As you listen, please know that the words you are hearing are spoken within a particular community, offered from one heart to many hearts. These sermons are part of a larger narrative that can never be fully understood or encountered without real people affirming, in fidelity and love, faith in the God who we trust will soon feed us with bread and wine.

Note: Due to Covid, our service is being held each Sunday over Zoom. Because of this, there will be delays in getting our sermon audio files uploaded. Please check back later if recent sermons are not available. Our Sunday morning worship service is posted to our All Souls Facebook Page each Sunday evening. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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