We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

Better to have a small role in God’s story than to cast yourself as the lead in your own fiction.


Taking a cue from St. Patrick and Celtic Christians, along with the entire monastic tradition, we have chosen to form the nucleus of our community by taking on a shared rule of life. When one asks what they need to do to “join All Souls,” our first response is to simply say, Come have a seat at the table. We’ve been waiting for you. However, if the question they’re asking is, “How do I join in this way of living alongside you?” Then we encourage them to consider our Rule of Life.

All Souls is a community hoping to live the Jesus-way in our city. We have a Rule of Life that gives shape to what this Jesus-way looks like for us. Confirmed annually (on Christ our King Sunday, the last Sunday of the Church year just before we begin anew with Advent), our Rule affirms our allegiance to Jesus Christ in the core issues of practical living (money, sex, power) and obedience to the shared life we believe God has called us to (a people of God’s hospitality, God’s restoration and God’s shalom). You may download our Rule of Life guide for the fuller context and explanation.

Our Rule

✠ Because we are a community in the way of Jesus, we commit to be obedient to Jesus, submitting to him as Lord over our life, including our money, our sexuality and our power.

✠ Because the Trinity forms us as a people designed for relationship, we commit ourselves to generous hospitality by living with one another in tangible expressions of community.

✠ Because the Gospel renews everything, beginning by awakening our heart to true life, we will open ourselves to see and hear God, allowing God to restore our mind, body and soul.

✠ Because the Kingdom of God rules over everything, we will join God’s work of bringing shalom to our home, Charlottesville and to the world.

The Prayer from our Rule

As a community ruled by God the Father, redeemed by God the Son and led by God the Spirit, we affirm the apostles’ faith and the calling of our baptism. We humbly affirm our calling to live together as a community obedient to Jesus in every area of life, including our money, our sexuality and our power. And we affirm our calling to receive and then give away God’s hospitality, God’s restoration and God’s shalom. In the name of Jesus, who is Lord over the church. Amen.

A Teaching Series to Prepare for our Rule

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