We are in Ordinary Time after Pentecost

What each one honors before all else, what before all things he admires and loves, this for him is God.


Jesus invites us to follow him, to believe what he says and to do what he does. This obedient following is relational, a learner walking alongside the teacher – not merely jotting down the teacher’s words but taking on the teacher’s ways.

Dallas Willard described the gospel this way: Two words, trust Jesus. Trust him for everything, not just what happens when I die. Trusting Jesus and becoming his disciple is the same thing. I like the word apprentice because it means I’m with Jesus learning to do what he did. When you look at the first disciples, that’s what they were doing. They watched Jesus and listened to him, and then Jesus said, “Now you do it.”

Our path of apprenticeship has four movements. The first tells us the basics of the Christian story, reminding us who exactly it is we are called to be an apprentice of: Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on a cross and rose again for our redemption and the renewal of all creation. The three movements that follow center in on the basic practices involved in being an apprentice of Jesus. We will learn the truths of God’s work of hospitality, restoration and shalom – but we will also participate in Christian practices that help us to form our character in obedience to Jesus’ ways.

Finding Your Place in God’s Story: Introduction to Christian Theology

The Bible is God’s story, and it is our story. The Bible is not a scattered collection of moralisms and ancient tales but the grand narrative of God’s movement, in love, toward creation. What does Eden have to do with our lives and vocations? What are God’s hopes for us now? Why are the notions of God as Trinity so important? What does it mean for us to say that Scripture is our authority? What exactly do we mean when we say we say we’re Christian and when we declare that Jesus is Lord? To get a fuller sense of this journey, you may download a syllabus from a previous group.

Life with God: Introduction to Christian Practice

This story of faith is a personal story, our life caught up in God’s life. Christianity is a life lived in personal relationship with God, fostered in the context of community. This group explores essential aspects of living life with God, including the practice of hearing from God in Scripture and practicing prayer.