We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

What each one honors before all else, what before all things he admires and loves, this for him is God.


Jesus invites us to follow him, to believe what he says and to do what he does. This obedient following is relational, a learner walking alongside the teacher – not merely jotting down the teacher’s words but taking on the teacher’s ways.

Dallas Willard described the gospel this way: Two words, trust Jesus. Trust him for everything, not just what happens when I die. Trusting Jesus and becoming his disciple is the same thing. I like the word apprentice because it means I’m with Jesus learning to do what he did. When you look at the first disciples, that’s what they were doing. They watched Jesus and listened to him, and then Jesus said, “Now you do it.”

The myriad of ways we seek to practice a life of loving and following Jesus is what the church often refers to as spiritual formation. In truth, everything we do is spiritual formation (or – formation into life with God here and now, learning how to be more truly human, more aware of God, people more attuned to faith, hope and love)

Communal Worship

As a community centered on the gospel story (the good news of life in Jesus and the reign of God’s good Kingdom) and the Eucharist (the way we are caught up into this story weekly), our Sunday worship is an integral part of our formation. On Sundays, we pray to God. We proclaim the reality of God. We express gratitude to God. We join our voices and hearts with others in fidelity to God’s kingdom. We confess our sins and receive fogginess. We share in God’s grace at the Table. With all of this, we are being formed into the life that is true, the reality that is most real.

Christian Formation Groups

In the Fall and Spring, we offer Sunday groups at 9:30 a.m. These are intentional spaces were we nurture ourselves  with Scripture’s wisdom, explore places where God’s Spirit wants to renew our heart and enjoy friendship with others.

Small Communities

We have numerous groups meeting at numerous times and with many unique personalities and hopes. However, in each community, we try to learn how to walk in the good life Jesus offers, alongside others.

Working Toward Shalom

Whether in our places of work or study, our neighborhood or friendships, we carry with us the light of God. Wherever we go, we are called to be witnesses to God’s Kingdom of healing and restoration. As we live in harmony with the work of God’s Spirit in the world, we become more and more attuned to our identity as beloved sons and daughters of God, beloved citizens of the the Kingdom of mercy, righteousness and justice.

Reader for Daily Prayer & Scripture

Each week, we provide a reader guiding us on a three-year cycle through the daily lectionary. With this reader, we pray and read Scripture together even when we are not in the same room. We seek to order our life, through the guidance of God’s Spirit, in the life that is beautiful, true and good. Sign up for the Prayer & Scripture Reader below.