We are in Advent

You can’t make ugly things to the glory of God.

~Wendell Berry

God has created, and God keeps creating. He’s crafting someting of us, something within us. Art and craft — all of the words, music, ideas, photography, houses, gardens, furniture, images (basically anything and everything) that we make or that make us — turn us toward our good and beautiful God. God is everywhere, and the snatches of hope and life and beauty that find us and take us by surprise give us generous reflections of the God of all beauty and truth.

Beauty, Truth and Goodness on Sundays

Every so often, someone will share something they’ve created – or something they’ve experienced – that reflects God’s beauty, God’s truth or God’s goodness. Take a peak at our sharing-beauty-truth-and-goodness – and email Brendan if you have something to give away.

Art Commissions

On semi-regular occasions (typically for one of the seasons of the Christian calendar), we commission an artist to create some work that will help us see and to help us pay attention.