We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

Gathering and sending are related to one another like breathing in and breathing out. The important thing is therefore to view life in the everyday world as just as important as the gathering of the congregation in the feast of worship.

~Jürgen Moltmann

BGAV Disaster Relief

The Baptist General Association of Virginia has a robust and extensive disaster relief operation, coordinating with organizations such as the American Red Cross in regions hit by catastrophic disasters.


Arrabon equips Christian leaders and their communities with the resources to increase their cultural intelligence to effectively participate in reconciliation. Arrabon’s live workshops initiate conversations and communal problem-solving to help transform communities on an institutional level.

The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project  provides communities of spiritual friendship and formation for leaders serving both the church and the marketplace.

Theological Horizons / Bonhoeffer House

Theological Horizons is centered at The Bonhoeffer House—a welcoming home for engaging faith, thought and life. Our mission to support Christians in academia moves from lecture halls and into a living room. Here you will find rich conversations about integrating the practices of theology into everyday life.

Spence Network

The Ray and Ann Spence Network for Congregational Leadership (“Spence Network”) is a router for networks that helps to connect churches and church leaders with each other and with best ministry practices in order to impact the world with the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  Spence Network is designed to facilitate connections between individual leaders, networks, and congregations, enabling fruitful exchange of innovative ideas and best ministry practices.


Loving Charlottesville in the way of Jesus Christ means loving the students, staff and faculty at The University of Virginia. εύνοια (pronounced you-noi-ya and means “beautiful thinking”) is a university community dedicated to celebrating beauty, truth, and goodness on Grounds.


Ecclesia is a relational network that seeks to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches.