We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

We are workers, not master builders; ministers, not messiahs. We are prophets of a future not our own.

~Oscar Romero

Our prayer is that our church, rooted in Charlottesville, Virgina, would participate in God’s lavish love for every nation and people group of the world.

BGAV Missions

Through the Baptist General Association of Virginia, we participate in God’s active love around the world. Our partnerships with the BGAV have allowed us to join in disaster relief, international refugee work, supporting indigenous churches, community development and orphan care.

International Justice Mission

Rescue thousands. Protect millions. Prove that justice for the poor is possible.

According to the United Nations, 4 billion people live outside the protection of the law. That means that their public justice systems – their police, courts, and laws – are so broken, corrupt and dysfunctional, that there is nothing to shield them from violence.

Every day, IJM, their local partners and a global justice movement are standing together to push back the advance of everyday violence. And every day, they’re seeing proof that it is possible to not only rescue individual people – but to stop violence before it starts.

Sanctuary of Hope Kenya

Sanctuary of Hope Kenya, a ministry of Hope’s Promise, provides orphan care and communities of love and support to some of Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

Peace Catalyst

Peace Catalyst exists to stimulate peacemaking between individuals and between peoples. In a world rife with conflict, we promote multi-dimensional reconciliation (with God, people, and creation). Two of the greatest areas of conflict in the world today are between Christians and Muslims and between the West and the Muslim world. Thus, we give special priority to these relationships.

Other Short Term Partners

Society of Anglican Missioners & Senders

All Souls commissioned and sent Evan and Missy Hansen for a one-year appointment serving with SAMS in Belize.

Dr. Hawa Adbi Foundation

Since 1983, the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation has provided healthcare, education, food and clean water to displaced Somalis independent of their clan, gender, religious and political affiliation. DHAF is a solutions-oriented organization that seeks to provide our people with the skills, resources and knowledge to stand on their own feet.