We are in Advent

To attach oneself to a place is to surrender to it and suffer with it.

~Kathleen Norris

Peace for Cville reflects our effort to concretely serve the peace and well being of Charlottesville and the surrounding counties by committing our resources to Charlottesville area causes and efforts (as part of our overall commitment to give 20% of our budget away to works of shalom). We seek to love in ways that are tangible, mutual and in keeping with the relentless love of Jesus Christ.

The Perkins House

The Perkins House is an intentional community rooted in the historic Venable and 10th & Page neighborhoods seeking to instill the next generation with a life-long vocation of Christian community development modeled by John M. and Vera Mae Perkins.

Venable Partnerships

All Souls meets on Sundays at Venable Elementary School in the Venable neighborhood of Charlottesville, Virginia. We partner with Venable School and others in the Venable neighborhood in hopes that we may all flourish together.


IMPACT’s mission is to empower the faith community of greater Charlottesville to create significant social change through unified direct action. Charlottesville has over 700 direct service organizations that give direct aid to victims of systemic injustices; in 2006, local clergy decided to dig up the roots of these problems. They began to build IMPACT, an organization with the power to take direct action that addresses the systemic causes of injustice, inequality and poverty.


PACEM provides shelter and compassionate support to more than 200 people who are homeless in the Charlottesville area.

PACEM opened the doors of our shelters in 2004. We continue opening each winter, committed to helping homeless adults in our community find shelter during cold nights. PACEM has offered more than 73,000 total nights of shelter to some of the most vulnerable members of our community in ten seasons of providing shelter for our neighbors without other options.

Neighborhood Restoration & Local Projects

From time to time, we try to roll up our sleeves and pitch in to support our neighbors and make our home more beautiful. We may build a garden shed for our friends at the International Rescue Committee or do house repairs for someone who needs a few extra hands.

The Haven

The Haven works to end homelessness. We do this by operating a multi-resource day shelter for the homeless in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia and administering housing-focused programming. We facilitate transformation for the ready and provide respite for the weary. We exist because everyone needs a place to start. The Haven is located in a beautifully renovated church and annex building across from Lee Park and one block from the public library.

Mercy Fund

On occasion, one of our neighbors or one of our friends need assistance. They may need help paying a bill or making a repair. The deacons at All Souls manage these funds, facilitate these requests, and are eager to help meet the needs of our friends as much as we are able. Our church feels a first responsibility to serve our neighbors in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna and Green counties.

Deacon Fund

Every once in a while, a member of the All Souls community has an emergent need. Our deacons also manage these funds and facilitate these requests to come alongside one of our own in a time of need.

New City Arts

New City Arts Initiative is a collaborative community that supports artists and facilitates cultural participation in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are committed to cultivating new audiences for the arts, specifically among local churches. We value our common humanity and the good of our city, embracing a diverse community of faith and vocation and advancing the arts in dynamic partnership with other local organizations and institutions.

Abundant Life

Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries (CALM) is a partnership among the residents of the Prospect Avenue neighborhood (including Greenstone on 5th Apartments, Prospect & Orangedale Avenues, Bailey Road, and 7 1/2 Street) and volunteers from local churches and area nonprofits. The partnership began in 1995 when members from Trinity Presbyterian Church and community residents started praying together for change. Together, we desire to address spiritual, educational, and economic needs by offering Christ-centered programs and by sharing our lives together.

Women’s Correctional Ministry of Fluvanna

The Women’s Correctional Ministry of Fluvanna comes alongside to love and help meet the needs of the women who are currently spending time in the correctional facility in Fluvanna County.

Good News Ministry

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry has chaplains serving in the US and abroad. Your gifts help to reach inmates and staff with the Gospel and to disciple them for Jesus Christ. Please peruse our web site to learn about our national and international ministries. If you would like to donate to this fruitful ministry, you may do so by clicking either of the buttons below. Thank you for helping us reach those others have forgotten.