We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends, to get to know their inner selves more fully, and even to dare to be silent with you.

~Henri Nouwen

Hopeful that our communal life will form a shared rhythm of living the Jesus-way together, our church has communities that meet all over Charlottesville. Each has its own unique texture. But there’s always love in these spaces. We create these small communities in the hope that the act of spiritual listening can lead to the riches of spiritual friendship. These spaces are not about doing another Christian activity. They are about ordering our lives around what matters most, which is God. Small communities typically meet from September – May. We hope you’ll join us!

Please contact the leader of any group for more info – or Marcy Klug who would be happy to help you get connected.

Small Communities at All Souls

Summer Communities for 6 | All Souls has always valued intimate spaces, where individuals can know and be known. In the past, we have hosted ‘SummerMeals for 6′ over the summer. We’re hoping to offer something along similar lines this year (with a few modifications) – Summer Communities for 6. Here’s the basic idea: Summer Communities for 6 is a way to connect 6 adults over the three months of summer. If you sign up, we’ll put you into groups of 6, and then you’ll figure out as a group how/when to gather once per month during June, July, and August. We do ask that groups gather outside, perhaps at a park or by rotating backyards. If you have children, the kids will be in addition to the 6 adults. If you feel the need, you can opt into an ‘adults-only’ group. The in-person option can include a meal each month, depending on the comfort level of the group. These meals can be shared or BYO – but we do recommenced that they be outside. If the group is not comfortable sharing a meal, that is perfectly fine as well.

We also recognize that everyone is at a different comfort level at this point in the pandemic. For this reason, we will offer a zoom option as well. The idea will be the same, but the summer zoom community will meet once per month (June, July, August) over zoom, as decided on by the group. 

Please email Marcy if you’d like to sign up for Summer Communities for 6. Please indicate the following:
In-Person Community or Zoom Community? 
Community with Children or Adult-Only Community? 
Are you comfortable with meals being a part of your community? 

Once sign-ups are closed (end of May), we will put everyone into groups and will be in touch with additional details. Our hope is that these will be a place of joyful connection and reconnection, after such a challenging year.

Meals and Stories | Meals and Stories Groups are currently on pause due to Covid, but we hope to resume them in some form soon!  All Souls began as a simple community in a living room, praying the evening hours, sharing a table and sharing bits of our life story (who we are, what has made us who we are, where we’ve encountered deep joy and where we hope for God to make us new). This community hopes to continue this core way of life. This group will be limited to 10 people and is an especially meaningful way for new folks to find their way into our community. Our hope is that everyone at All Souls will, at one time or another, be part of Meals & Stories. We will not have childcare, but will eagerly help with the cost if it is a hardship.Meals and Stories groups will gather at regular intervals over the course of the year. Please contact Marcy if you’re interested in joining the next group.

Lectio Divina Exploration | This group is currently on pause due to Covid. Join us for this ancient practice of reading, meditating, sharing, and deep listening together. Come and listen for God, your soul’s deepest yearnings, the heart of others. This group is open to all who wish to sit in sacred space and hear from God in Scripture and other ancient writings. Contact Adriana Nicholson with questions.

Words of Wisdom | This group is currently on pause due to Covid. We study Scripture and read books together and share context/commentary/analysis whenever anyone’s inspired to. We also spend time together in prayer and try to do small, concrete acts of kindness sporadically. On Wednesday evenings, our men gather at a house in Crozet or Ivy, while our women gather at a house in Charlottesville. We aim to gather the entire group once a month for dinner on a Sunday. Contact Eric and Laura Urban with questions.

Men’s Covenant Group | This group is currently on pause due to Covid. The Men’s covenant group opens for new participants at the beginning in September and January; then it is a closed group. We spend our time in various ways, sometimes reflecting on Scriptures or reading a book, praying or sharing what’s emerging in our lives and heart.

Kingdom Living | This group is currently on pause due to Covid. We explore what it means to live in light of the Kingdom of God in our everyday lives. We begin each week with a shared meal and try to strike a balance between intentionality and spontaneity. This year our meetings will alternate between practicing prayer and/or meditation, sharing stories, and reflecting on scripture or a piece of writing. Our group has been meeting together for a few years, but we are excited to welcome new people! Childcare is not provided; however, all are welcome. Join us!

Covenant Groups | Covenant Groups began as small communities but are currently closed for a variety of reasons: desire for safe space where relationships can deepen in ways that open groups cannot afford, capacity issues, and confidentiality issues. Our default posture is one of openness, but these covenant communities reflect the reality that sometimes, life and relationships require something else.