We are in Ordinary Time after Epiphany

Are you ever stuck wanting to connect with someone at All Souls, needing their email address or to remember their kid’s name? Maybe you want to have your junk mail forwarded to them? Okay, maybe not that. Breeze provides a password-protected church directory. Isn’t that grand? You may enter Breeze, All Souls’ Online Directory, by clicking here or by clicking the image below. You may want to bookmark the link.


Navigating to All Souls’ Breeze Online Directory




Instructions for All Souls’ Breeze Online Directory

The Breeze Online Directory is resource where All Soulsers can connect names with faces and easily access contact information to reach out beyond Sunday mornings.

Creating A Profile
To  be added to the directory, email Marcy. Once you are added, you will receive an email invitation from Breeze Church Management System to create your profile.

Once you’ve logged in, we encourage you to upload a photo and add some information about yourself, especially an email address.

The directory will be found at http://allsouls.breezechms.com or just click on the image at the top of this page.

The Breeze Church Management System app is also available to dowload to your mobile device:

Security Features
Standard profiles, or Members, can view limited information about each other. Those fields include the following:
Family Members (if applicable)

Profiles are only viewable by fellow Members who have a login and password. This is not an open directory.

Parents can chose whether or not you would like your children to be visible or not. Default is that children are not visible.

Management System
We are also pleased to say that our giving platform is compatible with the Breeze directory and system. This means that updated contact information uploaded to your directory page will automatically update your contact information for your giving receipts.

This system also has the capacity to help us with a variety of other tasks. For example, with one button you can be able to see who is in your small community or RSVP for a retreat or event.

To learn more about this system, visit https://www.breezechms.comaeoncoincustom essay