We are in Advent

Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul to another.

~George Eliot

God’s own reality is community (Trinity: Father, Son and Spirit), and God’s impulse is always to go physical. God went physical in creation. God went physical by creating human as his own image-bearers. Ultimately, God went physical in Jesus.

Emerging from God’s duel commitment to community and physicality, God has always embodied himself within physical communities, first Israel and then the Church. God does not love in abstract, but in particular – and God loves particular cities and villages and neighborhoods, showing up in the town square, front porches, shops and prisons. God shows up amid his people, his church. All Souls is one (and only one) of these expressions of God-come-to-town. All Souls is a community where God goes physical, a church where God steps into the particular story of Charlottesville, Virginia. We don’t always understand God’s invitation to always get God right, far from it. However, we hope to be the kind of people who love Charlottesville well and who are good neighbors and who work for the common good of our city – because we believe that is what God is already busy doing.

After all, the church is not what we are doing in the world. The church is what God is doing in the world. God has come to declare that the Kingdom of Shalom is here, if we’ll have it. We hope to live in that story. This conviction leads us to talk about All Souls as a community, a family, more than an organization. We believe what we do happens, for good or ill, within the context of relationships. And not flash-in-the-pan relationships, but long friendships that happen over long seasons.

What you will read here, then, is our attempt to give you some slight, meandering hint of who we are and who we hope to be. More than that, though, it is an invitation to a conversation. We’d love to hear your story, and if you have any interest, we’d love to tell you a little bit of ours. Drop us an email, and we’ll make that conversation happen.