We are in Advent

The ache for home lives in all of us.

~Maya Angelou

We offer a variety of ways to get connected to others in our community. While our Small Communities are more long-term ways to begin to share your life and faith with others, some of us need easier entry points. Whether you’re new or been with us a while, if you want to simply get to know a few folks in our community, we invite you to join us. You will notice that most of the options listed below involve food. We’re not certain what this says about us.

Welcome to All Souls Lunch

A few times a year, we host a meal for folks to hear a bit more about us. Usually a handful of new folks attend. Winn Collier, our pastor, will share a bit about the All Souls story, what our hopes are as a community and for our community of Charlottesville.  It is very casual.  And there is plenty of time left for questions, should you have any. We’d love to have you. Email Marcy if you’re interested.

Meals with People

There are a number of All Souls folks who would love to have you over for a meal. Sometimes gathering around a table for good food and laughs is exactly what a soul needs. Email Marcy if you’re interested.

Meals & Stories

All Souls began as a simple community in a living room, praying the evening hours, sharing a table and sharing our stories (who we are, what has made us who we are, where we’ve encountered deep joy and where we hope for God to make us new). This short-term, small community, intended primarily (not exclusively) for newer folks, hopes to continue this core way of life. Email Marcy if you’re interested.

Parties & Picnics

We like parties. We like food and laughter and will take any reason to be together or celebrate. We’d love to have you join us. Check out the upcoming list of parties and picnics.